Stripe focuses on creating high end content.

The aim is to attract new customers on all channels like b2b and b2c by giving your brand a professional high quality look and feel across from market and competitors.

Stripe belives in growing together, therefore we strive for long-term cooperations with our customers, from start to finish with reliable support.

By emphasizing latest trends and being up to date we do value proven knowledge and create the perfect combination for your project.

What we offer

Project Inception
  • consultation to discuss your project and goals in detail
  • Understanding your target audience, brand identity, and desired message

Concept Development
  • Brainstorming and idea generation, ensuring alignment with your brand and objectives
  • Iterative refinement of the concept until you’re satisfied

  • Creation of a detailed storyboard outlining the video’s narrative, visual elements, and transitions
  • Clear visual representation of the video’s key scenes and emotional impact

3D Video Production
  • Production of a short 3D video based on the approved storyboard
  • High-quality 3D modeling, animation, texturing, and rendering
  • Attention to detail and adherence to your brand guidelines

Delivery and Post-Production
  • Delivery of the final video in high-resolution formats (MP4, MOV)
  • Social media formats and graphics for easy promotion

We can offer your graphic designer a variety of helpful assets. For instance, we can provide your product with useful masks that allow you to replace backgrounds in Photoshop on your own. This feature also works with animations.

Beauty with alpha

Compositing with background